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Welcome to Femas HR (the Service) and the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and Femas HR Business Application (APP) by Fonsen Technology Corp., Ltd. (the Company). In order to allow you to use the Website and the Service without any concerns and worries and to protect your own rights, we hereby explain to you the privacy protection policy of the Website, APP and the Service. Before you agree to use the Website and the Service, please take some time to read this Privacy Policy, and then use the Website and the Service after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Policy; if you do not agree to this Policy, you will not be able to use the Website, APP and the Service. Once you register an account on the Website, APP and the Service, it will be deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to the following contents.

1. Scope of the Privacy Policy

The scope of this Privacy Policy includes the information you provide when using the Website (, and subdomains containing, and the Service (and APP). However, except for the Website, APP and the Service, this Privacy Policy does not apply to other related linked, nor does it apply to persons not entrusted or involved in the management of the Company.

2. Types of Personal Data

When you use the Website, APP and the Service, we will collect the following data (hereinafter collectively referred to as Personal Data) according to your needs and service content, including but not limited to the following statutory types of Personal Data:

C001 Type for identifying individuals, C002 Type for identifying finance, C003 Type for identifying in government data, C011 Individual description, C021 Family, C023 I Details about other family member, C031 Residence and facilities, C032 Properties, C037 Membership of charities or other associations, C038 Occupation, C053 Membership of occupation Associations, C061 Current status of employment, C062 Employment experiences, C063 Leave office, C065 Working or missions record, C068 Salaries and withholding amount, C070 Details of working managements, C081 Earning, income, property and investment, C082 Liabilities and expenditure, C083 Credit Ratings, C084 Loans, C085 The record of Foreign exchange trade, C086 Credit of note, C087 Subsidies, welfares, donations, C088 Details concerning insurance, C089 Social insurance benefits, veterans care benefits or any other retirement benefits, C091 Goods or services obtained by data subject, C092 Goods or services provided by data subject, C093 Financial deals, C094 Compensation, C101 Data subject’s business activities, and C102 Agreement or contract, etc.

3. Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

The Service, Website and APP collect personal data you provide mainly for the following specific statutory purposes:

001 Life and Health Insurance, 002 Human Resource Management, 008 Small and medium enterprises and other industries assistance, 022 Foreign Exchange Business, 031 National health insurance, labor insurance, farmers insurance, national pension insurance or other social insurance, 036 Deposit and remitting, 040 Marketing, 044 Investment management, 049 Religious, nonprofit organizations business, 052 Legal persons or organizations’ internal name-list management on shareholder, members, (including the shareholders, the designated representative of the Member) directors, supervisors, board members, supervisory board members, or other registered members, 063 Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations, 065 Insurance managing, agency and notary business, 067 Credit card, cash card, debit card or electronic value-stored card business, 082 Operation of integrated management among the borrowing accounts with depositors saved business, 088 Lending and trust business, 090 Consumer, Customer Management and Service, 093 Property Insurance, 094 Property management, 095 Fiscal & tax administrative, 098 Business and Technical Information, 103 Professional and technical persons’ management, discipline, and relief, 104 Account management and debt trading business, 106 Credit business, 107 Procurement and supply management, 111 Bills business, 112 Bills exchange business, 120 Taxation administration, 129 Accounting and the Service, 145 Employment & service administration, 148 Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services, 151 Auditing, supervisory investigation and other monitoring business, 152 Advertisement or commercial behavior administration, 157 I Investigation, statistics and research analysis, 160 Certificate Business Administration, 166 Securities, futures, securities investment trusts and consultants related business, 181 Other business operation in accordance with the business registration p

4. Processing and Utilization of Personal Data

For the personal data collected, the Company abides by the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and this Privacy Policy, and processes and uses it only within the scope of the specific purposes listed in Article 3. Except in the following circumstances or in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Company will not take the initiative to provide third parties with the information you entered in the Company: (I) Cooperate with the investigation of the judicial units; (II) Cooperate with the investigation required by the relevant government agency according to law or duties; (III) Obtain your consent; (IV) Cooperate with legal provisions; (V) Internal analysis and research purposes; (VI) Out of necessity due to outsourcing business.

When users browse in general, the server will automatically record the relevant historical content, including the IP address of the connected device, the length of usage, the browser used, the browsing and click data records, etc., for the reference of our improvement to the Service and such records will be only for internal use only. The information you provide to the Company will help us in customer management. In order to provide accurate and friendly services, the statistical data or analysis results collected by the Company will be only for the Company’s own analysis and research. Upon any demand of public usage, the data will also be used in a de-identification manner way which will not affect your rights and interests. Unless otherwise agreed, based on customer management and data preservation, the Company may keep the information you provide until the Company is dissolved.

The period, region and method for the usage of personal data: (I) Period: Until the Website, APP and the Service are legally terminated or the Company is dissolved, or until you request the Company to terminate the usage; (II) Region: Areas where the users authorizes the use or where the service company establishes an operating entity; (III) Method: Storage, process and utilize in electronic or written formats.

5. Data Protection

The Company will do its best to protect your personal information within a reasonable technical scope. The hosts of this Website and APP are installed with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other related information security equipment and necessary security protection measures to prevent personal information from being stolen, tampered, damaged, lost or leaked. Only authorized personnel can access your personal information, and the relevant processing personnel are obliged to keep the data confidential. If there is any violation, it will be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If it is necessary to outsource the relevant works to provide services, the Company will also strictly require the outsourced parties to abide by their confidentiality obligations and take necessary measures to ensure the compliance.

6. Other Self-Protection Measures

Please keep your information properly, and avoid providing personal information, account number, passwords and other information to others arbitrarily. Also please use the Website, APP and the Service via a secure or encrypted network. After the usage, please do remember to log out if you are using a public computer or a computer shared with others, and please also remember to close the browser window and clear your browsing history to prevent others from illegally stealing or accessing the information you entered.

7. Handling of Fraudulent Use of Account Numbers or Passwords

When you become aware that personal information such as account number, passwords or financial information has been stolen, please notify the service personnel of this Website as soon as possible. The Company has the right to suspend the processing and subsequent use of the transactions generated by the account concerned, and negotiate with you the subsequent processing plan. However, the aforementioned measures shall not be construed as a promise or implication by the Company of any form of compensation or liability for the user.

8. Hyperlinks on the Website

You can click to enter other websites through the links provided on the Website, but the privacy policies of these hyperlinked websites may be different from the Privacy Policy. Except for the Website, APP and the Service, and the online customer service system, the Privacy Policy does not apply to other hyperlinked websites. It is recommended that you refer to and carefully read the privacy policies of the hyperlinked websites.

9. Use of Cookies

Cookies are files save by the web server on your computer’s hard drive, which can store your browsing information and provide you with a smoother and more convenient web user experience. In order to provide you with the optimal and personalized service, the Website will save and access our cookies on your computer. You can choose to accept or reject cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, and you can modify the privacy settings to reject cookies, but by doing so it may cause some functions of the Website not able to perform properly, and thereby you cannot fully use all the services provided by the Website.

10. Warranty

You warrant that any information entered and stored in the Company’s Service which involves the personal information of any third party has been collected, processed and utilized in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. If the violation causes any damage to the Company or its operator, the personnel or any other third parties, you shall be responsible for the indemnification.

11. Rights of the Parties

You may inquire or request to read, request to make copies, supplements or corrections, cease the collection, processing or utilization, or deletion in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. However, the Company reserves the right to charge the handling fee for the costs generated therefrom.

12. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

The Company may amend and update the terms of use and Privacy Policy from time to time depending on the actual needs, and announce the amendment information on the Website and APP without additionally notifying each of the users. It is recommended that you pay attention to and confirm the terms of the Website and APP from time to time to maintain the security when browsing of the Website and APP. If you do not agree with the Company’s amendment or update, please apply to the Company to terminate the Service in a timely manner. If you continue to use the Website, APP and the Service in spite of the amendment or update, you will be deemed to have accepted such amendment and update of the terms. If you have any doubts or feedback about the above content or the Website, please contact the service staff immediately at

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